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Annual General Meeting Minutes

AGM Archives:

2023, Pre-2023

2024 MFL AGM Minutes 

Greater Moncton Football Association Building
November 25, 2023 –10:30 AM

Meeting called to order  by Commissioner Jamie Edwards  

Certification of Voters:  
Moncton Mustangs: Jason Terris–JT

Island Mariners-Mike Miller-MMi-By Phone

Saint John Wanderers: Travis MacKenzie–TM

Halifax Heat-Stacey Mackay-SM-via Microsoft Teams

Valley Razors-Joe Wychuk-JW

Fredericton Fleet-Mike McSorley-MMc

Nova Scotia Buccaneers-Mitch Kays-MK

7 votes, 4 to pass a motion

Moved by MMc seconded by TM to certify the voters above. Motion carried.

Motion to adopt the agenda by MMi, seconded by SM. Motion carried..

Executive Reports:    
Motion to approve minutes from 2023 AGM by JT, seconded by TM, Motion carried.

Commissioner’s report by Jamie Edwards: Off field organization of teams continues to improve. PEI had a tough season due to lack of players. Maritime Bowl XXI was perhaps the greatest championship game in league history.

Financial report by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre: League has $5,299.65 in its bank account. This is up significantly from $3,665.08 in 2022. This is mainly due to social media costing $1,000 less than budgeted and $1,250 in officiating fees saved due to two forfeited road games by PEI.

Officials Report.:

Al Gates from the NBFOA complimented the league on the significant improvement in the caliber of play over the years. However, the number of UR and OC penalties is excessive and the most of any league. This is the reason why some officials refuse to officiate our games. The teams need to deal with this problem. A new better organized rulebook is in the works for 2024. Al Gates is on the committee doing the rewrite. NBFOA fees for 2024 will be $545 and $625 for 5 and 6 man crews in 2024.

Motion to approve Executive Reports by MMc, seconded by JT. Motion carried.

Team Reports  
Saint John Wanderers: Status quo. Gear in good shape. Need to do some fundraising.

Moncton Mustangs: Team executive in good shape. Coaching staff is returning.. Finances are good. Gear in good shape. Dan Comfort has retired. Will be at Rocky Stone again. Registration is open for 2024.

Island Mariners: Will be taking a years leave of absence with intention to return in 2025.

Halifax Heat: Expect to have 90% of players back in 2024. Optimistic about the upcoming season. Hoping to play home games at SMU.  

Valley Razors: Full coaching staff and executive. Finances are good. Plan to play home games at KV again. 

Nova Scotia Buccaneers: Stable and growing. Fields are always an issue.
Fredericton Fleet: Players numbers better than in 2022 but still work to do. Building off field organization. Fields always an issue. Will have new head coach in 2024.

Motion to approve Team Reports by JT, seconded by TM. Motion carried.  

PEI Status  
All teams expressed regret that Mariners had to take a year off. However it was agreed that this needed to happen.

Motion by JT seconded by MMc that Mariners reentry into the league will need to meet the conditions laid out in Article III, Section 4 of the MFL constitution. Motion carried.

Motion by JW, seconded by MK to increase the required number of players in Article III, Section 4 from 22 to 35. Motion carried unanimously.

Social Media
Travis MacKenzie's fiance Becca Walton  is interested in taking on the Social Media role for the league. She does similar work for the CAA. 

Motion by JT seconded by MK to appoint her to the position of MFL Social Media coordinator. Motion carried.

All teams are to appoint a Social Media Coordinator to liaison with the MFL Social Media Coordinator by January 1.

Game Film
Teams are encouraged to improve the quality of game film. The league will continue with Quikcuts. 

System for MOP and All-Star Selection
Mustangs presented a proposal by Terry McIntyre to have various rounds of voting by email to select MOPS and first and second All-Star teams. 

Motion by JT, seconded by MMc to adopt this proposal as new By-Law 6. Motion carried.

Removal of the One Yard Neutral Zone.
There a discussion about possibly eliminating the one yard neutral zone. Al Gates noted that all leagues in the region play with the one yard neutral zone. No motions made.     

Moving to 3 Downs
A discussion took place about moving to 3 downs. The majoity of teams wanted to stay with 4 downs as it reduced the number of punts and length of games. Also because teams only practice once or twice per week the extra down helped the offence. No motions made.  

South Shore Schooners
A facebook post was found by Travis MacKenzie that a team from the Bridgewater area was gauging interest about possibly joining the MFL in 2025. Mitch Kays will investigate.

10 Man Football
Motion by JT, seconded by TM that Special Rule (1) be modified to remove any mention of 10 man football. Motion carried.

Addition to By-Law 3c
All player coaches are to be on the roster twice, i.e. once as a player and again as a coach in order to be eligible to play. This also applies to team management.
All players birth years must be included on the roster spreadsheet. All players must complete a registration form and sign a waiver before playing. Failure to provide birth year indicates failure to have the player properly registered and a waiver signed. This exposes the MFL to liability
Motion by MMc seconded by JW. Motion carried.

Proposed Budget for 2024
Terry McIntyre presented a proposed budget for 6 teams with a team fee of $5,500. After some discussion it was agreed that the Social Media Coordinators remuneration be increased from $1,000 to $2,000.
Motion by TM, seconded by JT to approve the 2024 league budget as presented with the above modifcation. Motion carried. Team dues will be $5,750 for 2024. 

2024 Schedule  
The season will start on May 4 and conclude on June 22. The 6 teams will play a 6 game regular season schedule with top 4 making the playoffs. A detailed schedule was presented as a starting point for the season. Heat and Bucs, Fleet and Razors, Wanderers and Mustangs will play twice during the season. 

Election of 2024 Executive  
Commissioner: Francis Best
Deputy Commissioner-East-Mike Miller
Deputy Commissioner-West-Chris Gallant
Secretary-Treasurer: Terry McIntyre

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:00 PM by MMc, seconded by MK. Motion carried.  

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